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Member of the Lebanese Parliament.
Head of the Free Patriotic Movement.

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Youth Programs for 2020

Program 1: Lebanon In A Picture

Registration Deadline: To be announced
Delivery of Art Piece: To be announced
Participants: 12-15 Years old - Complementary School
Objective: To invite the youth to express their vision of their country and how they perceive Lebanon in their own eyes through the use of arts.

Art is a self-expression tool that teaches youth how to make their mark on the world in ways that people will appreciate, and how they can actually have an impact on the world through the visual arts.

This program will also give politicians the opportunity to dig into the youngster's minds and points of views.

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Program 2: Be The Next Deputy

Duration: 1-2 Days/School
Secondary Classes (Public & Private schools in Lebanon)
This project contains numerous subjects dealing with political, social and economics matters/affairs with youngsters in order to:
Find a common ground between youth and politics, and activate their role in the society.
Introduce youth to the legislative and executive bodies.
Listen to the youths opinions and aim to make their voice be heard
Allow youth to participate in finding solutions and develop their way of thinking toward citizenship.

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Program 3: Political Tourism Program

Duration: Two weeks/year
Date of Event:
To be announced
Local & Foreign university students
The main purpose of this program is to introduce local students as well as foreign students to the political context in Lebanon and to this unique democratic environment in the Middle East as well as come up with suggestions and recommendations that alter the vision for policy making.

It is an opportunity for students to:

- Exchange political, economic and social dynamics among each other's (emigrants, foreigners and locals).Participate in elaborating an approach to policy making in Lebanon.

- Understand the real and contextual functioning of the institutions of the Lebanese State.

-Experience first-hand the ground situations and help in elaborating a state strategy.

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Program 4: Book Talks

Duration: 3 Months/Participant
Masters/PHD Students
Grant Students full access to the library of Parlimant for a limited period of time to conduct sesearches and interviews related to their Master Thesis or PHD Studies.
The Library of Parliment is a book gem containing historical data, detailed reports and full bodies of laws' best practices.

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