To invite the youth to express their vision of their country and how they perceive Lebanon in their own eyes through the use of arts.

Art is a self-expression tool that teaches youth how to make their mark on the world in ways that people will appreciate, and how they can actually have an impact on the world through the visual arts.

This program will also give politicians the opportunity to dig into the youngster's minds and points of views.

Criteria of Participation:

  • Students should be of Lebanese origins and enrolled in public/private schools in Lebanon and/or abroad.
  • Age:12 to 16.
  • Art piece should be new and not created before or used in any other competition.

How to Apply?

  • Fill in the application on this page before December 29th, 2019
  • After filling the application, participant must start working on the art peice illustrating how He/She perceives Lebanon.
  • Art piece must be delivered to Gebran Bassil Office (office Nb 704) at the Parliament during the week of January 22th to January 31th, 2020
  • For people participating from abroad, piece should be sent by email to:
    And if specifications are approved, piece must be sent by DHL.

Specifications of the Art Piece:

  • The art Piece must be in A3 format with a good frame.
  • Name must be written on the right bottom of the art piece in capital letter.
  • The art piece can be colored or in black and white.
  • The art piece can be a painting or a drawing.

Winner Selection:

  • After Receiving all art pieces, an exhibition will be held in the parliament whereby students will be present to shed light on their art work.
  • Each art piece will be given a number.
  • Attendees at the exhibition (Students' families, selective NGOs, Media, MPs, and Ministries etc...) will cast their votes in secret ballot for the best art pieces during the exhibition. Only one vote per person (Vote will include the number of the piece).
  • Winner will be announced by counting the votes at the end of the exhibition.
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