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This educational program is one of a kind program worldwide. it is an intensive two-week program held yearly whereby 40-45 students, from Lebanon and abroad, come together to:
- Echange political, economic and social dynamics among each other's (emigrants, foreigners and locals).
- Participate in elaborating an approach to policy making in Lebanon.
- Understand the real and contextual functioning of the institutions of the Lebanese State.
- Experience first-hand the situation on the ground as well as to come up the ground situation and elaborate a state strategy.

Thus the main purpose of this program is to introduce students of the lebanese Origins as well as foreign student the political context in Lebanon and to this unique democratic environment in the Middle East as well as come up with suggestions and recommendations that can alter the vision for policy making.


Students will be lodged for two weeks in the Diaspora Houses where cultural and social events will take place for the duration of the program.
The political and economic activities of this program include:

  • President of the Republic: Introduction to the history of the Presidential Palace, duties, functions and length of power of the President.
  • Executive Branch: Introduction to the work of the cabinet and ministers, as well as duties and functions of the Prime Minister.
  • Visit to several Ministries and meeting with the concerned Ministers.
  • Legislative Branch: Introduction to the History of the Lebanese Parliament, the role of the members of parliament as well as the role and duties of the Speaker of the house.A special focus will be placed on how a bill becomes a law and on lobbying efforts.
  • Juridical Branch: Students will be introduced to the processes and procedures of the judicial work.
  • Economic Bodies:
    Beirut Central Bank: Introduction to the main role of the Central bank in the Lebanese Economy and in relation to the several industries: Real estate, Agriculture, Tourism, Trades...
    Lebanese Economic Council.
  • Military: Military School/Base.
  • International Issues of Concern: Visit to Refugees Camps. Visit to UNIFIL and Naqoura.


The program includes:

  • Accommodation: Diaspora Houses.
  • Transportation.
  • Program Fees (meals, furniture, trips).

Only flights ticket are to be self-financed by participants from abroad attending the program.

Criteria of Participation:

  • Program Participants must be enrolled in their BA or MA degrees with emphasis on: Law, Political Science, Internation Relations/Affairs, International Law, Public Administration, Public Policy, Journalism or other related field.
  • Participants must be between 19 and 25 years old.
  • it's preferable for the participants to be familiar with the English Language.

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